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By M.L. Warren
Restaurant Critic

"Taverna Opa is Fun, with a capital 'F'. From the raucous level of the music on the expansive waterside terrace to the flip but friendly servers, it's clear from the beginning that no one here takes things too seriously. That's not to say the food is haphazard, because it is not. There's more to life than menus that need three lines to list the ingredients in each dish. At Taverna Opa, a few words do it, and do it very well."

Miami Herald: Taverna Opa 
Greek | Casual | Moderate

"Face the water and watch the sun set. Sit in a simple black painted chair pulled up to a long wooden plank of a table, and sip ouzo. Smell lamb and fish sizzling on a wood-fired grill. Feel the ocean breeze and listen to it flap white, sail-like canvas screens, which are hiding the parking lot to help you forget that you are not really in a rustic tavern in Greece.
You are in Hollywood."

Mediterranean meals in a Dionysian setting

By Faiyaz Kara

And vacationers will, undoubtedly, eat this place up. The platters of Greek and Mediterranean specialties are first-rate ... Even the most self-possessed of patrons can’t help but get caught up in Opa’s frenzied scene – “fun with a capital F,” says their website. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself atop a table, howling to the gathered and channeling your inner coyote ugly.

By Scott Joseph
Sentinel Restaurant Critic

There's something else you should know about Taverna Opa: For all its emphasis on having fun, it is quite serious about its food. The Greek dishes here are authentic, of high quality and served in ample portions. If you love good Greek food, and aren't opposed to having a good time while you eat it, you should experience Taverna Opa. 

In Short – Dried herbs hang from the rafters and village scenes dot the walls of the rustic interior. Though waiters once broke into folk dances here, Opa has evolved into a drum-throbbing, belly-dancing dive where anyone can mount tables to shimmy. The menu features grilled seafoods and meats, moussaka and meze (Greek tapas). Desserts include phyllo-custard pie and yogurt drizzled with mountain honey and walnuts. Anise-flavored ouzo is available for those who want an authentic alcoholic drink.

The place to eat, drink, and be very very merry 
By Lee Klein  

The place sizzles like lamb on a spit -- Middle Eastern music blares, belly dancers jingle, patrons partake of Greek tabletop dancing, fire-grilled foods emit aromatic smoke balls, hundreds of paper napkins descend like giant confetti, and claps and shouts of "opa! opa! opa!" carom off the walls.

At Taverna Opa at Channelside, good Greek food and waterfront dining
By Laura Reiley
Times Food Critic

Knock me over with a feather, Taverna Opa serves good Greek food right on the water. It's got views, it's got belly dancing, plus napkin tossing and people yelling "Opa!" and, yes, it has got great Greek salads, moussaka and chicken souvlaki .

Oak-grilled specialties, traditional Greek fare and a great view. Dining Review  

There is the aroma of smoldering wood surrounding this place, no doubt coming from the 12-foot-long grill near the door, where oak-grilled quail and rib-eye tips are prepared. Those who don't come to make a meal of traditional Greek meze: taramosalata (prepared with a house-made yogurt), house made soft feta and marinated sardines with lemon and grilled octopus, visit to feast on oak-grilled snapper, spit-fired whole lamb or pig (by special order only) or the delectable moussaka soufflé. Still, there are those who stop by primarily for the scenery that features an A-plus view of the Intracoastal Waterway (Taverna Opa is accessible by boat). As the music volume increases, Greek waiters pull women onto the tables to dance something akin to the Greek lambada. Taverna Opa is one of Hollywood's trendiest spots, packed with patrons of all ages. Delicious Greek selections comprise the wine list (with explanations of each one's aphrodisiac qualities), and prices are comfortable.

Best replica of waterfront dining in Greece 

"The menu is in Greek and on weekend nights so is the music and atmosphere at this moderately priced but richly flavored Intracoastal restaurant. You can eat indoors in plain sight of the open kitchen that dishes up robust salads, vegetarian appetizers, grilled meats and seafood. But the essence of Opa is best experienced on the dock and patio that offers one of the best waterside views in all South Florida.

The food is up to the setting, as well, with an emphasis on Greek dishes such as keftedes (delicious balls of ground beef), the olive-oiled and garlicky melitzanosalata (grilled eggplant salad) and the hearty moussaka soufflé (potato, eggplant, beef, lamb, tomato and more)."

"There’s also a nice variety of seafood dishes and a wealth of salads that will have you craving feta cheese long after you leave. Best of all, Taverna Opa’s prices are so reasonable that this is a place you can afford to go back to on a regular basis. Get there early on Friday and Saturday nights, however, because that’s when the party kicks in with diners providing the entertainment with impromptu Greek dances."